Texas Senate To Consider Voter ID Measure

With mixed thoughts and caution, it took me a awhile to jump on this bandwagon so to speak. After looking at the issue and considering the illegal alien problem. (We Texans know a little about this PROBLEM). Our election integrity is at stake. I know it is such a hassle to show your ID just to vote. We show our ID to write a check, use our credit card at times, become employed, to get on a airplane and various other venues in this life.  The vote is so much more important than some of those other issues mentioned above. And only those that have the right to vote should vote. (Duh) You know that there is no illegal actives when it comes to voting right? Every one plays by the rules. Yeah right? So with that…………………………

I strongly urge all Texans to contact your state Senator and ask them to vote for this bill.  Glenn

On Monday, the Texas Senate is expected to meet as a Committee of the Whole to consider Senate Bill 14, legislation that would require a voter to present proof of identification when voting. Earlier this week, Governor Rick Perry declared the Voter ID legislation as an emergency item and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst immediately informed state senators that the bill will be considered next week.

All 19 Republican State Senators have signed on as co-authors to this important piece of legislation. The tentative schedule is to hear invited testimony on Monday, January 24th and public testimony begins at 8:00am on Tuesday, January 25th.

The Republican Party of Texas would like to thank Governor Perry, Lt. Governor Dewhurst and the Texas Senate for making this a priority issue, and encourage all Texans who are concerned about the integrity of our elections to urge their state senators to support the passage of SB 14.

Read the bill »

Contact your State Senator »

Monday’s Notice of Public Hearing

Tuesday’s Notice of Public Hearing

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