“We Have Not Yet Begun To Fight”‏

Critical Update on Dan Neil HD48 Election Contest

Dear Texas Republican,

While our Texas Legislature weighs an important bill addressing Voter ID and the laws and integrity of our state’s election process, we are witnessing another election drama unfolding here in the capital city.

As you already know, Republican candidate for HD 48 Dan Neil has been locked into an important election contest – unwavering in his belief that the Democratic machine in Travis County has overlooked or created errors in a fair and legal election process surrounding his race.

Today we want to make you aware of the latest news – Dan is absolutely correct. Through the election contest, there has been discovered evidence making it apparent that Dan Neil won this race on Election Day.

This evidence has been steadily mounting. Since the recount, the discovery process has uncovered numerous illegal votes in the race, and the more we dig, the more we seem to find. There is clear evidence of at least 12 illegal votes: 10 people who voted in HD 48 even though they live outside the county, 1 person who was not registered in time to vote in this election, and 1 person who voted twice. It also appears that there may have been more illegal votes cast in this election, and those are being documented as well.

Furthermore, this election contest has highlighted one of the greater outrages that threaten our election process by uncovering a shocking amount of voter disenfranchisement from overseas voters. In this contest, evidence has shown that voters who are residents of HD 48 were not allowed to vote in any state or local race. Some of them have been registered in this district since 1992, but were not allowed to vote in this election.

Regarding this election contest, RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri has drawn a clear line in the sand.  “In the words of John Paul Jones – “We have not yet begun to fight!” I want to make it clear that the RPT will not sit by quietly and allow one of its candidates to have his election stolen away. Now that the state party is revitalized and refinanced, I have committed to Dan Neil that the RPT will provide financial and political resources to wage whatever battles are necessary to ensure that every eligible voter has their vote counted, and every illegal vote is stricken. We will also be calling on the Travis County DA to open an investigation of the Travis County Elections Office as a result of these numerous abuses. Today, we are calling upon all Republicans to join us in this effort by demanding that a full investigation into the race be conducted, and that at the end of the day – the true winner, Dan Neil, be seated in the legislature.”

Texas Republican, this fight makes one thing clear – the Dan Neil election contest stands as a stark representation of the differences between the two parties of Texas. On one hand, the Democrats are waging an ongoing and clamorous fight against the integrity of the election process by steadfastly opposing voter identification laws. On the other hand, the Republican Party of Texas is pursuing a relentless effort to end significant and egregious voter disenfranchisement by exposing widespread and documentable evidence of these practices right here in our state’s capital.

Elections have consequences. And so too, should voter disenfranchisement and illegalities in our election process. Dan needs financial support for this ongoing legal fight, so stand with him by going to his web site to make a contribution to this effort.  Thank you!

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