As a hunter this was very interesting, your not going to see any of these guys in the wild, unless they escape and you just happen to be the one to find them. I may be speaking out of ignorance, but I call this Deer on steroids. What type of Genetic engineering or manipulation did it take to get those racks. I do want to clarify one thing, this is not average in Texas. Some of the comments I have got leads me to think every one thinks all Texas hunt this way. No way!!! This only the way of the super rich. The average Texas hunter never see’s any thing like this. The average Texas white tail is smaller than most of the rest of the States and Canada.  Texas has the largest herd, but the smallest bodied deer.  Most hunters I know they prefer to hunt the native normal white tail. Thanks for reading my blog. Glenn

A deer farm in Texas . The big a typical deer’s semen is $7,500.00 per straw.

He is 7 years old and is valued at $1,000,000.00.

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Apostolic/Christian, Conservative/Libertarian, Husband & Father, Hunter, Mountain biker, hiking, camping, outdoors love em. Business man etc.
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27 Responses to MILLION DOLLAR DEER‏

  1. John Moore says:

    The people who get sperm from these deer what do they do with them? do they cross breed with other deer. I would love to see an off spring from one of these breeding experments

  2. ddsundowner says:

    I think that farming deer, buying and releasing deer, and buying deer semen is not very sporting. It is cool to see monster bucks and all, but seriously, can you feel proud of shooting a deer you bought and released on your land! Free range and good management is the way to go.

    • I agree with you, I posted the picture’s mainly to share and to generate conversation. Personally this is distasteful to me and the non typical deer looks like he is in pain and or misery. There is some things mankind should leave alone. I hunt but it is the poor boys way, but way more sporting and fulfilling Thanks for your comment.

    • Sethmil says:

      I don’t believe it’s legal to release deer into the wild to kill. The only way its legal to do so is to release them into a fenced environment that is controlled.

      If you’re proud of that, go ahead and be proud. Not my style, but the fact that someone is farming deer, and making good money on it, is great. I’m a big fan of capitalism. Keep growing them! Keep selling them!

    • Gary Brooks says:

      I totally agree, also stalk your prey don”t sit in a deer stand and wait for it to come to you man up do the sporting thing stalk .But then again I forgot it is all about the money, what has this country gone too.

    • Jack W says:

      If you consider that deer are just another form of cattle, you can leave behind your tears and enjoy one of the healthiest meats available to people who don’t want to buy beef that has been shot full of hormones.
      And in most cases, the deer are “dispatched” more humanely that beef cattle are, and in fact their lives are more comfortable and natural than same.
      I get a little tired of hearing people talk about the ‘poor little deer’ or bambi’s mom. I wonder why we don’t hear about the poor turkeys or poor chickens.
      Anyway, most states, especially here in Texas, the husbandry of the deer population is handled as humanely as possible and in many many cases, with the assistance and oversight of state game wardens and game managers.

  3. CWB says:

    I enjoyed the pic’s, but this is just a typical texas thing. They don’t know how to go and hunt in the great outdoors and look for the deer, they have to grow them and charge out the ass for something they grew…..How is that being a sportsman?

    • Not to be argumentative, but this is not Texas typical or average, this is the super rich and wealthy only. I posted them only because it is a conversation. Texas has the largest natural white tail heard. Not genetically altered. If you was from Texas you would know the average Texas white tail in body is much smaller than those just across the red river in Oklahoma and on up into the mid west.
      The average Texas hunter never see’s any thing like this in their hunts. In fact most of those that are hunting these guys are the super rich who fly in from other state. Thank for the comment but felt I had to clarify. Take care.

  4. Kay Chandler says:

    Will you let people come to see these big bucks???????
    If so email us We live in Horatio, AR.

  5. Scott says:

    I have land in Leonard, 15 acres, and visit often. I have never seen this place. Do you have address? i would like to just drive by and get a better look. I tried doing a search o google for Deer Farm in Leonrd, but it came up empty (Seems odd)

    • A friend sent me an email with these pictures, along with the text. I googled it also, never found any thing near Leonard either. I found a breeding Ranch in South East Texas I think near Houston that a lot of the pictures on their web site looked similar to these. I suppose I should edit out the location and just put somewhere in Texas. I posted them just for the chat it would create. One thing I have found out is many people from outside of Texas has this image that most Texas hunters, hunt deer like this. That’s a joke. I hunt the poor boys way, never seen anything like this where I hunt.
      Thank you for your comment. Sorry I was not more helpful.

      • Scott says:

        I found the Ranch. He is actually in Weston, Tx. I ran into a guy they new him at a local Walmart when I was getting a license. I know where the place is but have not been buy yet.

  6. Loren Wesley says:

    I live in northern Minnesota, and have hunted the better part of my 46 years.I have lived in the woods (or as close to, as a modern human can) and have only seen a few deer racks as large as the smaller ones in these pictures.To be honest, it kind of turns my stomach to see that large non typical in such obvious pain.The first deer I harvested as a 13 year old was a healthy 185 lb, 8 point buck.I dont know how much these genetically engineered animals weigh but they are way out of proportion.I have known people who feed deer the right combination of minerals, to improve the herds rack development.But this is just absurd! And to hunt on a fenced in ranch, it just does not sound like hunting. It is more like shopping.I dont mean to judge, but c’mon you rich folk if ya want to hunt ,HUNT!!! This is not something anyone I know would even mention, let alone brag about.Just my 2 cents.

    • I am in full agreement with you. This is not the norm in Texas. Just the super rich. Makes no sense to me.

    • Kam128 says:

      I too googled Deer Farms in Leonard Texas. I found this blog and just thought I would add to it. My family owns and operates a deer farm and hunting preserve. I thought at first that it was absurd to hunt a deer in a fence. I thought this until we did a hunt for a handicap child. This child was physically unable to hunt out in the wild and may not have had the years it could take to go out “stalking” deer and actually shoot one. It was one of the neatest joys in the world to see this child’s dreams come true.

  7. BKRONING says:


  8. This is not wild. says:

    Wow. Those are BEASTS. They probably feed them well and probably some type of injections to make them that big. I wouldn’t think these are hard to kill. They don’t have natural instincts.

    For 1,000,000.00 I would buy a real nice piece of land and hunt it myself.

  9. Big Matt says:

    For all of you referring to genetic engineering and steroids – I think it highly unlikely. Genetic engineering would actually involve gene manipulation and while steroids might result in larger more heavily muscled deer, they would not affect the genetically pre-disposed antler count. Most likely this is the result of highly selective breeding over multiple generations. Much as with dogs, you can select and breed for certain traits. While I agree that farmed pay-to-kill hunting is bogus, I would be encouraged to see some of these genetic carriers being mixed with the wild stock. Consider what generations of hunters killing deer with large racks has done to the average wild rack size. If we all select and kill deer with large racks, those gene carriers are reduced. Within our hunting area we carefully limit how many large racks are taken and target the smaller racks and sized bucks. It has paid off and we are seeing more and more large rack bucks out there.

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  11. Patricia Blundll says:

    I have googled and tried to find location of this deer farm, but can’t find it. I too think that the a-typical big buck should be able to rub off the big rack and grow another one. It is a shame that he has to carry that weight around on his head. How would you like to carry a 50 lb item around on your head. Talk about a head and should/back ache. Mercy. But kill him, no no. That would be cruel to shoot something that doesn’t have a fighting chance of getting away. I would hate to look into the eyes of a man who would corner something like this in a penned area and cold blood, shoot it. In the woods, now the deer have a better than 50% chance of getting away.

    • Gil says:

      Wow. It’s hard to believe so many people have so many misconceptions, yet they’re interested in things they know nothing about.

  12. Krogirl says:

    Boone & Crockett issued a statement concerning these pictures. The organization does not condone and will not score a deer like the mutant pictured above. Canned shoots are also not acceptable.
    Additionally, as someone born and raised in the heart of “Muy Grande,” the South Texas brush country, I take exception to the statement that Texas deer are small-bodied. That is simply not true and a browse through the Texas Parks & Wildlife website will bear that out.
    Finally, I think this kind of thing gives hunters a bad name. Real sportsman would never participate in something like this. Conservation and game management are a hunter’s tools, not artificial insemination and controlled breeding programs.

  13. tracy dever says:

    They look sad -like it hurts them.That is ALOT for their heads to support.:O(

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