America’s Elected Royalty – Do what I say not as I do

This morning on the way to work, listening to the radio WBAP in the DFW area. They brought up a topic that upset my breakfast in addition to causing my blood pressure to rise.  The Obama’s have their personal trainer flown into DC every week from Chicago. Umm now lets see, are we not suppose to be in a recession? Beside that we are supposed to go green? According to the article that came from that is 50,000 lb of carbon emissions.

Our elected Royalty lectures us, about what we should do, like cut back on this and cut back on that. But its cool for them to do what they want when they want. Oh I forgot they are privileged, elitists, upper crust, America’s nobility. I say Mr. & Mrs. Obama pull the log out of your eye before you try to get the splinter out of the common American serfs eyes.

Let see on the short list, we are supposed to buy smaller vehicles, use less gas, turn our thermostats down in winter and wear more clothes in the house to keep warm, in the summer turn them up and suffer. ( I would say go naked but that would mar some of us so bad we could not afford the medical bill from the shock). Git rid of those gas lawn mower’s, weed eaters etc. The government tells us what light bulbs we can buy now. They regulate the size of flush (Gallons of water) in our toilets.  You the people have to go green.  Now they want to control animal farts, we are eating too much meat. Umm has any one thought about up until the mid to late 1800’s there was millions of wild buffalo roaming the plains? Bet that was a lot of methane gas.    Just to name a very few of the over regulated life’s we now experience here in America.

I am personally a conservative, we conserve every chance we get. I do not need the Federal Government telling me how and what. It is not in the constitution period. Do not be wasting my tax dollars on those things that is none of the governments business. I am not on the green wagon to the extreme. Now if we can find ways to operate more economically, efficiently and not compromise the quality of life some of us has worked so hard for, I am not opposed to that.  It should be a private enterprise issue not the Federal or State governments.

This is all about control and power, they don’t care one bit about the carbon foot print this is just a way to achieve the Statists, Communist, Socialist agenda. Tyranny is what it is, it may be soft today but leads to a hard tyranny.  America wake up and take your country away from the elected Royalty and return the power to the citizen legislator, citizen president and courts that are strictly originalists.   I have posted the link below to the article about the personal fitness trainer for the Obama’s. Remember freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail.   Glenn

P.S. By the way global warming/climate change that is just a bunch of lies/myths.


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