Symbolic votes from the House Republicans

The new Republican house majority to this point has become a disappointment. All of the empty promises they made in the election, maybe I am to quick to call judgment. But actions speak louder than words. Oh sure they voted to repel Obama care, defund NPR and various other symbolic votes, that were dead on arrival in the Senate. Mr. Boehner and Mr. Cantor both know this and they are playing with our future. I am not even sure they have a plan.

The had opportunity to defund Obama Care, NPR and Planed Parent Hood with this last continuing resolution (three-week spending bill). Oh but we can not do that, that would be breaking the house rules. I have read the Constitution, there is no specific wording in the Constitution  that tells them how they must vote on a bill or what they can or cannot put in it. I don’t care what they call it. Some previous congress from years by gone established those rules and now Boehner and Cantor who are gutless refuses to rewrite them. Nancy Pelosi and Reed did to shove Obama Care down our throats.

Now hear hear!! Mr. Boehner, Mr Cantor, the Rinhos and Washington elitist. We the people your Bosses, did not give you the majority in the House of Representatives to give us lip service. Stop these symbolic votes and pull the gloves off and fight the  Socialist/Communist party who is called the Democrat Party. By the way all of you conservatives, right wingers, tea party members, did you know that Mr. Boehner, Mr. Cantor and the house leadership is bashing us now? The very ones that got them elected. Put them in the majority. Mr Boehner you would not be speaker of the house had it not been for the grass-roots activist, tea party and conservative base. Mr Boehner & Mr. Cantor if you cannot and will not lead us then shut up and sit down. Get out-of-the-way of the Revolution.

Shut the government down, lay off some bureaucrats, shut down those useless Federal agencies. We the people support you in the fight. Get off the propaganda wagon and get a back bone like a saw log.  We are broke!!! What does it take to get some elected officials Republicans or Democrats that will quit kicking the can down the road and hope some other congress in the future will handle it?    Out with the career politicians (Americas elected royalty)  down with the D.C. establishment. Return to a very limited Federal Government, and give those powers back to the Individual Sovereign States that make up this great Union.

The following list is some of the Federal agencies I would shut down, some immediately. Others would have to be sun set-ed over  a period of time.

Obama Care

NPR – National Public Radio

Endowment for the Arts – They are disgusting and despicable.

Planned Parent Hood – Stop funding Abortion

EPA – Environmental  Protection Agency – limit their authority severely.

Department of Education – Shut it down completely. Sates issue.

Medicare & Medicade – Sunset over a period of years

Social Security – Sunset over a period of years.

These are just a few examples, there are many more that need to be abolished or down sized.

Remember freedom is not free! When good men do nothing evil men prevail.  As Patrick Henry said (Give me liberty or give me death).

The land of the free and home of the brave is not a place for the timid, weak-willed, or those who rather give up their rights in exchange for bread and security.

Thank you


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