Happy Birthday Barack Hussein Obama ? Obamas gift to America

So they tell me today is Obama’s birthday, to help him celebrate it in person tickets to the dinner is only $ 38,500.00. That should be no problem for the average Democrat, the party of and for the common citizen. So with that lets look at what Obama has given America on this grand day to celebrate. Hope and Change keep it in mind.

To start with today the Dow is down 500 plus points, as of this posting. What a nice birthday gift.

The economy is still in the tank, unemployment on the record is still 9% plus. Many have just quit trying to find a job and making ends meet the best they can. Making the true unemployment closer to 15 to 20 percent. We are in debt to the point it has become a black hole. The dollar is weak and getting weaker. What amazes me is the Democrats (Socialist/Communist) and RINO”S (Republican in name only) in congress refuse to see the disaster we are facing and keep spending like there is an endless supply of money. Go ahead kick the can down the road, let someone else deal with the problem. Happy Birthday Barack.

How is Obama Care working for you? The company I work for had our open enrollment in June. I am the guy who deals with the Insurance renewals and helps make the final decision, our initial renewal rate was 20% increase across the board on an insurance plan with a $ 10,000.00 deductible. After negations we got it down to 15%. In the past the company has always paid the employees portion, but with ever increasing premiums, and we as company not showing a profit for three years, we have now fixed our cost at $250.00 per employee a month and the difference is pasted on to the employee.  Happy Birthday Barack.

This gift just keeps on giving and giving, I do not have enough time or space to list all of the Hope and Change (Pain and Suffering) Obama has given to America.  As a small business man, more and more regulation’s, do this and don’t do that. Taxes and more taxes.  The suffering and pain to our family’s, friend’s, employee’s and fellow Americans is increasing daily. Happy Birthday Obama.

Thank you Barack Obama for one of the best birthdays I can remember, I hope we get homemade ice cream with our cake. By the way can we get icing on the cake too? Umm that is probably not on Michelle’s diet plan for all of us, awww come on Michelle it is Barack’s birthday can we cheat just a little. Maybe if were good they the government will let us have a little cake and ice cream.

With all that in mind we can not give up, I am hoping that this will encourage you the patriot keep up the fight. During the American Revolution there was some very dark hours, days, weeks and months. Open your eyes, be educated about our enemy. Know their tactics.

Remember freedom is not free!!! When good men do nothing evil men prevail. Keep the faith, trust in GOD.God Bless America.


Christian, American, Texan, Patriot, Husband, Father, Business man, Conservative/Libertarian, Hunter, Life Member NRA, Tea Party.

About Republic of Texas (Conservative/Libertarian state)

Apostolic/Christian, Conservative/Libertarian, Husband & Father, Hunter, Mountain biker, hiking, camping, outdoors love em. Business man etc.
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