Why don’t we allow six year old’s to vote?

I get the comic Calvin and Hobbes in my e-mail daily. Calvin is one of my favorites. I don’t know what Bill Watterson was implying or if he was when drew this one but it has a big time message to this current generation. Just think what would our nation look like if the children was voting or even allowed to hold office. I heard on the News the other day here in the DFW area once of the mid-cities had a youth and government day (something like that). A young lady was elected as mayor for the day, one of the first things she done was re name main street after Justin Bieber. Was that responsible and or selfish, not every one idolizes Justin Bieber, and what has he done to have a street named after him.What did her actions cost the local taxpayers? Was it governing responsible? Many of our politicians are no different.

You know what come to think of it I think some of our kids are voting, did I say that aloud? Let see if we allowed six year old’s to vote they would probably do away with school, make it a right for kids to get in Disney land for free, all the candy and sweets they want for free………, blah blah you get the picture?  Many of our adult voters are voting like immature, irresponsible children along with the irresponsible power hungry member’s of our government.

Freedom comes with responsibility, boy has this generation blew it. Remember freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail. GRW   Now for the comic.

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