Saudi Woman to Receive 10 Lashes for Driving Car

And these guys are consider our allies? So all you women who drink the koolaide of the left/liberals etc, whats up with this, why are you not demanding that we do something about this, like embargo of Saudi oil etc? Especially you proud women libber’s? Come on Barack lets impose an oil embargo on the Saudi’s until they agree to treat their women as equals? I notice who ever wrote this article they were trying real hard to be politically correct note: (No laws prohibit women from driving, but conservative religious edicts have banned it.) Whats up with this what happen to reporting the facts, this is a product of radical Islam or Islam period, where most women are considered as property. Based on that statement that could be misconstrued or interrupted as conservative christian. My main point here is we keep trying to put a coat of white wash on Islam dress it up and make it ok, a peaceful and loving religion. You could take a rattle snake try to put lip stick on it, maybe alter its appearance, at the end of the day it is still a poisonous snake. Would you let your children play with it? Yet we are bending over backwards to teach tolerance and acceptance in our schools, business and government when it comes to Islam. It is what it is.  I am not suggesting that we teach hate in our schools but the truth should be told. They are dangerous and should be left alone as long as they leave us alone. If you stir up a den of rattle snakes then you have to deal with the consequence. In addition any sensible individual would not open their door to a rattle snake and invite them in their home and like wise should not catch one and bring it in your home.  Remember freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail.  Now for the article. GRW

Published September 27, 2011

| Associated Press

CAIRO –  Saudi activists say a court has sentenced a Saudi woman with 10 lashes for defying the kingdom’s ban on women driving.

Activist Samar Badawi says Shaima Ghassaniya was found guilty Tuesday of driving without the government’s permission.

No laws prohibit women from driving, but conservative religious edicts have banned it.

The ruling comes just two days after Saudi King Abdullah announced that, for the first time, women have the right to vote and run in the country’s 2015 local elections.

Najalaa Harriri, who is also facing court for driving, told The Associated Press she needed to drive to take better care of her children.

Tuesday’s verdict is the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. Other women were detained for several days, but had not been sentenced by a court.

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