Silver Aniversary, 25 years July 18, 2012 pictures of our trip to Alaska and more

I am not going to say a whole lot in this post, just to say thank you to The LORD for helping me and thank you to my dear wife for putting up with me for 25 year. I still believe our vows to this day. There has been bad time, good times and great times, great times are like the down we took our vows, another one was the day our precious daughter was born and placed in my arms in the delivery room.

My dear wife has always wanted to go on a cruise, the prospect was not even luring to me at all, until some one told about the Alaskan cruises. With that we planned it for our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.  We had a great time for the most part, I will not get too political in this post, but some later post I might talk about the violation of our liberties in the airports and getting on and off the ship.

We took a seven-day cruise north bound on the Princess Sapphire, we left our of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. We stopped in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway Alaska and the last two days cruised through  Glacier Bay and College Fjord, docked in Whittier toured for a day into Anchorage and flew home late that night. We did shore excursions on each stop.  For me and Sheila I think also the highlight was July 18, 2012 in Skagway the morning of our anniversary we started our shore excursion with a helicopter ride to a glacier (it was cool), then the copter landed our tour group and guide at a trail head in the wilderness, we hiked for 6-7 miles and back out to our trail head, then we caught the White Mountain Pass train back into Skagway.  I am going to post some pictures and hopefully a link that will allow you to see a whole bunch of pictures of the inside passage and the shore excursions. We had a bless and great time. Thanks to all those who helped us get there. Remember freedom is not free. When good men do nothing evil men prevail.  

If you want to see a lot of great scenic pictures. Go to the link above. I hope it works. You can click on the smaller pictures to get a big one (some files are huge and takes a bit to load may have to refresh browser). You can view as slide show or advance yourself. Enjoy GOD’s Creation. Just ignore my ugly mug. Grin….


Our anniversary dinner on the Sapphire Princess, at Sabitina’s Italian Restaurant

First evening July 14th on board Sapphire Princess

The Grand Atrium on the Sapphire Princess

Ketchikan, getting ready for boat ride to hike on rain forest island, part of the 17million acre Tongass national forest.


Ketchikan, bald eagles on the way too island, we seen a lot of them.

On island, forgot the name. Just out from Ketchikan. That huge tree is Western Red Cedar.

Ketchikan, getting ready to leave island.

Mendenhall Glacier, Tongass National Forest, Juneau Alaska

Getting off copter after ride, to go hiking

On hiking trail in Skagway, Alaska morning of July 17, 2012

Glacier Bay, from the Sapphire Princess. July 19, 2012

College Fjord, sea lion. July 20, 2012





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