we petition the obama administration to: Recount the election!

We petition the Obama administration to:

Recount the election!

It has become blatantly obvious the voter fraud that was committed during the 2012 Presidential elections. In one county alone in Ohio, which was a battleground state, President Obama received 106,258 votes…but there were only 98,213 eligible voters. It’s not humanly possible to get 108% of the vote!

If ID laws had been enforced (which the administration is completely against because that meant they would lose) then this wouldn’t be an issue.

Recount NOW!

Link to petition at the end of post.

Created: Nov 10, 2012

Signatures needed by December 10, 2012 to reach goal of 25,000


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Signatures: 19 of 34,353
Jana W
November 10, 2012
Signature # 1
Glenn W
Cleburne, TX
November 13, 2012
Signature # 34,338
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About Republic of Texas (Conservative/Libertarian state)

Apostolic/Christian, Conservative/Libertarian, Husband & Father, Hunter, Mountain biker, hiking, camping, outdoors love em. Business man etc.
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