Battleground Texas has become Engaged‏

This is a call to arm’s to all my fellow patriotic, freedom loving, God-fearing Texans. Texas is being invaded by foreign enemies, who have come to undermine freedom and put tyrants in power in The Sovereign Republic of Texas. For those of you who thinks this can never happen, it is time to look at the facts. I personally know many fellow Texans who hold our values and are conservative / libertarian  (not to be confused with liberal) who do not vote. In this coming election we need a conservative turn out that will give the Democratic Socialist Communist Party a sound and overwhelming defeat. A defeat that would send those enemies running back across the Red River and Sabine just like that great day at the Battle of San Jacinto when Texas won it’s freedom from the tyrant Santa Anna.

Please don’t think I will leave it up to the next guy or gal, we all must sound the alarm and stand up and be counted as warriors of freedom. Please read the following article that was sent to me. Remember freedom is not free. When good people do nothing evil people prevail. Don’t be a drone, educate yourself on individual freedom and sovereignty vs. tyranny. GRW

Didn’t think Obama could win?  So, now you don’t think the Dems. can win the Texas Governorship?
Please read to the end and pass this on to your friends, your children, or anyone who doesn’t take voting as seriously as THEY should!
The Democrats are planning , what most Texans would consider the unbelievable, that   they can elect a Democrat as Governor of Texas in 2014, and why do they think that?
1. Governor Perry won his election by 650,000 votes; only 38%  of population voted; and only 25% of Blacks and Hispanics voted.
2.   Republicans in Texas are complacent   and will not turn out in large numbers because they think they can’t lose.
3. Jeremy Bird has successfully, over the last 3 years, turned both Virginia and Colorado from Red to Blue.
4. Jeremy Bird is now targeting Texas as his next conquest and has $10 million as an initial war chest to accomplish this  task.
5. Jeremy started his campaign to win Texas in   January 2013 , he has  paid   community organizers(ring a bell?)  in all major cities in Texas with an objective to register 650,000 new voters by Nov. 2014.
6. The   organizers   since Jan. 2013 have been hiring and organizing their people to put in place thousands of   Deputy Registrars, who can register voters, across the country.
These   Deputies   will register the 650,000  new voters.
7. How will they do that? They will visit   selective churches   in their area, food banks, welfare offices, and local selective   events to sign up and register   new voters.
8. In addition to signing them up, they will get their phone numbers and email addresses plus establish   block captains   who will ensure their streets will vote.
9. They believe by doing his, not only will they increase the number of  certain voters   , but will also increase substantially the number of those who will vote their   directed   way.
  If you have never heard of Jeremy Bird, Google him and find out all you want to know about this very dangerous person to Our Great State. Texas turns Blue and the Country turns  Blue.
They believe by the Nov. 2014 election they will be able to increase the Democratic vote by over 1 million. They believe, based on the historical low Republican voting turnout, they will get a Democrat elected as Governor and in addition will increase significantly the number of Democrats elected. This in turn will reduce the majority the Republicans now have in both the House and Senate.   Do you understand what is being said here?
If this does not get your attention and scare you, we are in trouble .   Or if you do NOT see red and understand it, we are really in trouble.
Unless we can engage more conservatives to become actively involved to counteract the Democrats and specifically Jeremy Bird, they will be successful…   if not in 2014 then in 2016 or 2018. They are committed to defeat us and will spend the money and resources to make it happen. If they  can take down VA and CO so quickly, they can take Texas down as well even if it takes more time.  If they take Texas, a Democrat will be president for the foreseeable future.    AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS FOR THE WORKING, TAX PAYING CITIZENS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
If I still have you, that means I’ve got you attention and that’s good. But please keep in mind that the Democrats know that they will have to spend NO money to take Austin and very little to take Houston. Austin is already red and Houston is very near. And if Texas turns Blue, it will be almost impossible to change it back. 
It is our state and our country, you can stand up now or live with the consequences. This is not a game. Look at what we have in Washington!
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