Bloomberg to spend $50M on new gun control effort in challenge to NRA

The tyrant’s and their uniformed and maybe uneducated drones will never give up on attempting to take away the individual’s personal freedom/sovereignty. Remember freedom is not free. Check your history it is a fact, Nazi Germany under Hitler instituted gun control in 1933 not long after coming to power. The facts are, as far back as you can go in recorded history the tyrants of the world have disarmed the individual citizens in order to establish their absolute power and domain. Tyranny can come in many forms from soft tyranny to hard tyranny, with many names and titles. No matter what you call it, or what banner or cause they rally the uninformed, uneducated to support their cause it is still tyranny. America is already under a soft to medium state of tyranny under the Federal Leviathan with the out of control bureaucracy imposing their special interest groups agendas on the vulnerable every day citizen or should I say (subjects). The current administration that does what it wants and neither obeys or respects the Constitution the Supreme Law of the land. Along with a majority of the legislative and judicial branches that neither respects or adheres to the Constitution. One of the last few remaining walls of defense against a full-blown hard tyranny here in America is the fact that millions still own handguns and rifles and rightly so. The Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights insures that right. The enemy of freedom is continuously working to undermine or destroy that basic right.

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. The gun control group was strangely quite about the kid who knife all those kid at the high school in Pennsylvania and I just read in the news this morning about 5 who were knifed to death in Calgary, Canada.  So after they get gun control, take away the steak knifes and all sharp objects? It will never end. The endemic nature of man will find a way to harm and kill others no matter how much we ban or try to control. The problem is a moral problem that can not be solved by taking away or controlling objects. The problem can only be solved when America humbles her self and calls up GOD almighty in repentance and we turn from our wicked ways and acknowledge God. The will he heal our land.

Stand up for freedom, be counted. Again freedom is not free. When good folk do nothing evil folk prevail. Some ideas and solutions. Pray for America and your family daily. Take your family to Church every Sunday and any other opportunity. Lead your family in Prayer daily and be the example they need. Read the Bible. Vote in the primaries and do your home work on the candidates (this is time-consuming and painful in some ways). Vote in every election. Study the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, The Founders original letters and documents, Read the unabridged/unedited George Washington’s farewell address. Many of the modern books and documents on the founders and early America chooses to omit facts and or they twist the facts or attempt to apply modern thinking or interpretation about them. Join with like-minded groups. Join the NRA. Call, write or e-mail your elected officials inform them of where you stand what you expect out of them as elected officials who took an oath to defend and obey the Constitution of the United States of America. God Bless and Help America. Now here is a link to the article.   

Here is a link to the NRA


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