Political witch hunt in Texas, Indictment of Gov. Perry by drunk-driving Travis County district attorney

Mean while back at home here in the Republic of Texas, we have an alcoholic Travis county district attorney who oversees the public integrity unit for the whole state of Texas. Who was arrested for drunk driving refused to resign, used her own powerful grand jury to indict Gov. Perry because he vetoed the funding bill for her unit she oversees only because she would not resign. This is a major conflict of interest in the first place, besides the fact she should have resigned the minute she sobered up.

Texans it is time to stand up for what is right, no matter what party you side with (Democrat , Republican, Libertarian, Independent or other. We should demand that Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, resign. In addition demand that the indictments of Gov. Perry be null and void due to nature of how they came about. I am sick of the political corruption that abounds in our nation, state and local governments. Many Texans that I know and talk with are sick of the mess and many do not vote because they feel their vote will not change the corrupt political system. I agree with them in some respects, but when good men and women do nothing evil men and women prevail.

Where would we be today if our founding father’s had not stood up to King George and the British, or the founding fathers of Texas had not stood up to the tyrant Santa Anna and his tyrannical Mexican government? It is way past time to put an end to the growing corruption and tyranny that is spreading in our national, state and local governments.  Please see the links below for more info about the false indictment of Gov. Perry.




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