Take Action: Urge Texas House to Pass Pastor Protection Bill‏

When good men do nothing evil men prevail.

It is time for all Christians to stand up for truth and what is right. Time to become activist on our knees to God and in person with our government. Local, State and Federal

Right now we need Christians in the Republic of Texas to contact the house and urge them to pass the Pastor Protection Bill SB2065

Your activism is needed again THIS WEEK to ensure the Pastor Protection Bill passes the Texas House and heads to Governor Abbott’s desk!

The Texas Senate already passed the Senate version of the Pastor Protection Bill (SB 2065) last week, and this bill has now made its way over to the Texas House. SB 2065 passed out of the House State Affairs Committee on Friday and is headed to the Calendars Committee waiting to be set for a vote by the full Texas House.

We need a sustained effort to ask the Texas House to immediately pass the Pastor Protection Bill and oppose any amendments.

We must, at a bare minimum, act to protect the rights of Texas pastors and churches on marriage. Any delay and this bill could also be killed due to inaction or time deadlines. With just days left in the session, we must rally behind SB 2065 and protect Texas pastors and churches from the threat of pastors being forced to perform a same-sex “marriage”. As the recent oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court revealed and testimony from concerned Texas pastors has already shown, this threat is real.

Passing the Pastor Protection Bill is a very important step in the fight to protect our religious freedom. If the Texas House passes the bill, it will then be headed to Gov. Abbott’s desk!

Please take these 3 simple action steps TODAY to support the Pastor/Clergy Protection Act:

In addition, we highly encourage anyone that is able to come to the Texas Capitol this week to support the bill in person. Our office is just two blocks south of the Capitol (900 Congress Ave, Suite 220) and we would be happy to help facilitate your efforts. If you can come to the Capitol in person this week, contact us directly here.


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