Muslims celebrate in joy the deadly attack in France on social media

Islam is evil. Islam is a total way of life. Culture, religion, politics, food, lifestyle, everything. It can not coexist peacefully with freedom and liberty. Islam will not tolerate freedom or democracy. The choice is ours, freedom or they tyranny of Islam.

How many must die? Their blood is on the hand of our Western Leadership. With that said time to replace them all.
Have a blessed and safe Friday and weekend. Remember freedom is not free. When good people do nothing evil people prevail. Evil is among us and around us. Stay vigilant. God bless and keep you.

The Muslim Issue

Why pretend that they are “Islamic state supporters”? They don’t have to be ISIS supporters. They are Koran supporters where jihad and slaughter of infidels is a required norm for every Muslim to commit, whether they do so in a group or by themselves. Islam in itself is built on terrorism. It grew from terrorism. It expanded around the world from terrorism. And it gained over 1.5 billion followers by terrorizing the people making them fear their safety and peace, thus converting out of fear and submission. All Muslims are the future generations of infidel ancestors who were victims of Muslim terrorism of the medieval times. They converted out of fear.

All this nonsense to attribute terrorism only to ISIS, al-Qaeda, Taliban or one of the hundreds of Muslim terror groups around the world is absurd.



Islamic State supporters celebrate deadly attack in France on social media


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