Beto O’Rourke reportedly tried to flee scene before 1998 drunken-driving arrest, witness said

Here is the next Senator for the State of Texas if all conservatives & moderates don’t get out and vote against him in November.

His real name is Robert Francis O’Rourke as Irish as Irish can get. You don’t think he might be trying to get the Spanish vote using the nickname Beto?  Besides the fact that he is trying to hide the fact that he is radical left/Socialist and that is one step from Communism. He has tons of money pouring in from Hollywood and other hard-core leftist States. This is not who we are in Texas and we do not need non Texans in our business. He gets elected Texas will become nothing more than another California or New York, bankrupt and destroyed economy. If the Socialist Communist Democrat Party gets control of Texas I give them the first year the legislator meets to destroy the States rainy day fund and start us down the drain to the sewage. It is up to us to stop them.

Vote for Ted Cruz.

Lets keep Texas Free for Texans and our children.

See the link to the news story.

Thank you


About Republic of Texas (Conservative/Libertarian state)

Apostolic/Christian, Conservative/Libertarian, Husband & Father, Hunter, Mountain biker, hiking, camping, outdoors love em. Business man etc.
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