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Freedom lost. More each day. Military bars troops from attending Vacation Bible school honor

Freedom is not free. When good men and women do nothing evil men and women prevail. Please read the following article, just follow the link. One more example of freedom lost. The insatiable appetite of the Lefties, Socialist, Communist Tyrants. … Continue reading

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Voters Question Whether Russia Will Honor New START Treaty

I love America and her people, but this is the part I do not get!!!!! Why are Americans AT TIMES so passive or maybe gullible should be more like it, the Russians cannot be trusted. What is with you? My … Continue reading

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DADT repealed – Congress redefines morality‏

Now that the Senate has voted to repeal the 17-year-old ban against homosexuals serving openly in the U.S. military, a number of groups have issued warnings over the consequences of Saturday’s decision.   Eight Republican senators joined with Democrats on … Continue reading

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Dick Morris: START Must Be Stopped, Urgent You Act‏

START Gives Russia Tactical Edge, Help STOP It By Dick Morris & Eileen McGann The Democratic Congress is trying to pull a fast one. They are using their lame duck majority — explicitly rejected by the voters of America — … Continue reading

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